London Institute of Skills Development (LISD)
International Learning Centre (ILC) Selangor 2, Malaysia

In collaboration with
Bumi Kilat Management & Consultancy Sdn. Bhd
Suit 837 & 841, Level 8, Block A3
Leisure Commerce Square, Jalan, PJS89
46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

About Us

Bumi Kilat Management & Consultancy Sdn. Bhd. has created a successful brand for Itself through the success rate of its Hotel Trainees and is notably known as a Full Service Administration and Internship support Consulting Company that specializes in Supply management exclusively to Final Year Semester Internship Candidates from colleges and Universities, globally. Unlike other companies of same type of services, BUMI KILAT integrates risk management capabilities coupled with our supply service guarantee in order to provide clients with the best Interns available.

Skills for Employability

In a recent 2019 study , it has been found that discrimination in job hiring are the major contributing factor to the uncannily high unemployment rate among youths in Malaysia. In order to battle this problem BKMC Sdn. Bhd. and designed a One (1) months Soft Skills Full Module Program known as Skills for Employability. Skills for Employability (SKY) is a soft skills training structure that is designed via Four (4) modules. It has been cubed to increase the hiring desirability index for an individual. Generally under Life Long Learning, there will always be a job specific skill that an employer is looking for. These General Job Skills are called “Employability Skills” and with the help of soft skills training, a Job Seeker obtains a stronger credential and a proper portfolio while applying for their future Jobs

Food & Beverage

The basic needs of customers for food and beverages are met by the foodservice industry, which has been associated with lodging ever since people started traveling. People, move out of their houses for various reasons, such as job, education, business, leisure, medical treatment, sports, religious activities, and so on, and depend completely on the foodservice industry for their meals. Foodservice operations may vary in size, style, location, and the market they are catering to.

From a hawker stall to an exclusive fine dining restaurant of a five-star hotel, as it all comes under the fold of the F&B sector. It is necessary to classify all the F&B sectors for a better understanding of its operations. At BKMC Sdn. Bhd. and, we have designed a short 1 month program to cater for candidates to start their initial entry-level jobs in the Culinary and Service Section of an eatery establishment. For Further London Institute- CPD accredited courses, please contact +6011 3610 8690